Parents Put Baby In Washer For A Joke With Horrible Outcome

What Were These Two Thinking When They Put Their Child In A Washing Machine. The Machine Automatically Locked And They Couldn't Open It, As Water Started Filling It Up And Turning The Child.

The sign above the washing machine states,"Junior Wash", but we are sure this is not what it was referring to.

These two, mom and dad, frantically try to open the front door of the machine, but can not bypass the locking mechanism.

Parents Put Baby In Washer For A Joke With Horrible Outcome

After frantically running around the laundromat, locating help, and doing a series of frantic up and down calisthenics, they finally get the child safely out the machine.

We Don't Know About The Baby That Was In The Stroller Who Got Spun Out Of The Way During The Parents Mad Dashing, Hopefully He Turned Out Fine Also

*update to video...These people were babysitting the little kid...The little kid was totally unharmed and was said to be laughing when he got out of the washer.
STILL...A Pretty Stupid Thing To Do.


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