Willow Smith-Jada-Mothers Day Drug Reveal

Celebrities and drugs go almost hand in hand, from the child stars who find it difficult to leave a childhood behind and get in front of the lights, camera and action of celebrity life.
Willow Smith-Jada-Mothers Day Drug Reveal

Jada Pinkett-Smith, along with her Mother and Daughter Willow Smith discuss the secrets of drug use within the family.

The demands placed on these children are full of pros and cons, but that comes with the territory of the road to stardom.

Learning to cope with the fame and fortune also comes with learning how to cope with not having a personal life anymore.

Many Celebrities find themselves seeking drug addiction treatment during the course of their careers.

Followed and pursued by the paparazzi at every turn, no move or actions go unnoticed.

Willow Smith Learns first hand about the life and impact of drugs in her family.

A proactive save you intervention held on Mother's Day.

Willow Smith-Jada-Mothers Day Drug Reveal

Talking about the pull of drugs in the celebrity family of Willow and Jada Smith surfaces as a Mother's Day Revealing Talk.


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