Husband Smiles SnapPictures While Cheetahs Attack Wife

A husband takes snapshots while his wife is being mauled by two cheetahs, says he thought they were just playing with her.

A 60 year old British Citizen, Violet D'Mello, was at a supposedly safe petting zoo, petting a couple of wild cheetahs, when all of a sudden the animals didn't feel like being petted.

They reacted by pouncing on Violet and mauling her.

Quick thinking made her play dead in hope that the animals would leave her alone.

Eventually she was aided by some people so she could escape her unfortunate ordeal.

While all this was going on, her husband Archibald, was snapping pictures of the entire incident.
Husband Smiles SnapPictures While Cheetahs Attack Wife

He stated afterwards that he thought the animals were just playing with her.

Seems the blood and initial screams from his wife didn't quite register with him, about what was really occurring.


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Husband Smiles SnapPictures While Cheetahs Attack Wife

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