Teens Holding Bullet Ridden Obama T-Shirt Facebook Removed

A group of teenagers took a photo holding a t-shirt, riddled with bullets, with a picture of President Barack Obama's face on it. They posed in the pictures holding weapons.

The picture was posted on the Facebook page of Peoria Police Sgt. Pat Shearer. The slogan under the picture was. "Another Trip To The Ranch"

The U.S. Secret Service quickly got involved and began an investigation, after they became aware of the photo, with the group of teenagers holding the bullet hole-ridden T-shirt with President Barack Obama‘s, "Hope Image" was uploaded and posted to the Arizona police officer’s Facebook account.

The Secret Service stated:
“We’re aware of it, and we’re conducting the appropriate follow-up steps,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan stated, "Individuals have a right to free speech, “but we certainly have a right to speak to individuals to see what their intent is.”
Teens Holding Bullet Ridden Obama T-Shirt Facebook Removed