Have You Seen The Most Disliked Youtube Video

There are a lot of videos that get voted down but this video has been voted down more than Rebecca Black's Friday Video. There are millions of videos on Youtube and people find things that they love and hate.
Some videos, just do not sit right, on the viewers eyes and they draw forth huge disapproval.
Even though, most people have fallen out of the belief in Political figures, what they say, what they do, and the failed promises made on the campaign trails, not often can you tell when a Political figure totally fails.

But through Youtube voting tools, you can gage how the populace feels.

Here's Is The Most Disliked Video On Youtube

Have You Seen The Most Disliked Youtube Video

It Seems They Recognized The Outstandingly Poor 1st Responses And Decided To Shoot Another Retake In Hopes Of A Better Respnse Rate


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Have You Seen The Most Disliked Youtube Video

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