Loyal Dog Stays By Deceased Master

We all know dogs are super loyal and this video is of one dog who is displaying how deep that loyalty goes as he stays by the grave of his deceased master.

This is not the first time this type of story has been brought forth.

In 2009 a movie was made based on true events. The name of the movie was Hachi:A Dogs Story, and it was about a abandoned Akita dog, that was found by a college professor. The professor took the dog home,named him Hachi, and cared for the dog up to the time the professor died. The dog showed a heartbreaking loyalty towards his master, as he continued to wait for his masters return. Hachikos Undying loyalty touched so many people, that a statue was erected in his honor.
Every dog lover should make a pledge to see this movie at least once in their lifetime.
WARNING - No matter how tough you are it will bring tears to your eyes.

Be sure to watch the incredible video at the end.

Loyal Dog Stays By Deceased Master

Original Hachiko

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