Shock Commentary On Who To Blame

Shock Commentary On Who To Blame

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We are on a soapbox today and welcome your comments.


Youths (and some adults) of today blame everything on everything. People need to own up to their own responsible behavior and shortcomings.

Too many times we try to blame our failures on other people and events, and we place a never ending cycle into motion. Although this hard hitting video points out the facts, of why our youths try to use every excuse in the world as their scapegoat, it strikes a nerve in the people who do nothing and FAIL right along with the reasons our youths use.

People need to stand up and recognize that failures and doing the wrong things are.. Because They CHOOSE To Do Them.

If more people and parents, show that the time for excuses are over, then this world could and will become a better place to live.

Parents Need To Let Their Role Modeling Be The Guide.

Deadbeat Fathers Need To Become Alive Patriarchs.

Politicians Need To Start Telling The Truth And Stop Telling Us What They Think Will Make Us Vote For Them.

If We Respect Others As We Desire To Be Respected That Would Be One Massive Step In The Right Direction.

Samuel L. Jackson Hits the nail on the head with this Shock Video.

If You Have Ever Lost Someone To Violence Or Know Of Someone Who Has Suffered By Violence You Need To Watch And Listen And Then ACT
Everyone Who Is A Parent And Everyone Who Cares About Someone Should Feel Compelled To SHARE This.


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Shock Commentary On Who To Blame

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