Did You Know How Many Germs Are On Keyboards

Ewwww-Did you know your keyboard has 60 times more germs than your toilet seat.

Did you know that remote controls are the single most dirtiest item located anywhere (hotels, homes, etc.)

Germs are everywhere and we really don't think about them that much.

Do you think about the germs on Bus rails/armrests, chair armrests, shopping cart handles, those beloved vending machine buttons, that nice ballpoint pen we share, cellphones, and who doesn't like to keep pushing elevator buttons.

Sure, we turn away when someone sneezes and shake our heads when they don't cover their mouth, but we really don't give much thought on the fact, that those little sneeze droplets remain alive and kicking on any surfaces they fall on, for up to 48 hours.
Just waiting to infect you and cause you to become sick unnecessarily.

We know you are not going to use the remote controls you come in contact with, but at least you will be better aware of how to handle them with extreme prejudice.

Did You Know How Many Germs Are On Keyboards

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Movie Quote, "We Touch Our Faces 3-5 Times Every Waking Minute"