XWave Headset Mind Control Your iPhone Now

XWave Headset Mind Control Your iPhone Now

Unleashing your mind power at your iPhone, now you can control you iPhone with the help if just thinking. OMG!. yes its true XWave Headset Mind Control iPhone Apps let you able to turn your brain electrical activity into signals, which can control your iPhone. Amazing. winked

All you have to do is just put the headset which will pick electrical signal through your brain & using apps, which are with headset, its send commands to your iPhone & make able you to control your iPhone navigations & functions by just thinking.

According to the company:
XWave, powered by NeuroSky eSense patented technologies, senses the faintest electrical impulses transmitted through your skull to the surface of your forehead and converts these analog signals into digital. With XWave, you will be able to detect attention and meditation levels, as well as train your mind to control things. Objects in a game can be controlled, lights in your living room can change color depending on your mood; the possibilities are limited to only the power of your imagination.

Buy it just for $100 @ PLX.