5 World's most expensive casinos

To attract more visitors to their casinos , gambling operators utilize the most desperate measures. For example, strive to outdo competitors by extravagance, scope and cost of their projects.

As a result, in Las Vegas, there are pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, and copies of other well-known architectural monuments, and the owners of casinos in Singapore and Macau tend impressing visitors unparalleled luxury and exclusive entertainment. The cost of the complexes with the most expensive casino of the world is billions of dollars.


1. CityCenter Las Vegas (Las Vegas) Price: $ 9,000,000,000
This complex, which includes four hotels and casino is called Aria , dozens of restaurants and bars, covers an area of more than a half million square meters and it is the largest private construction project in the history of the United States. It has two owners. Their company was building MGM Mirage (later renamed MGM Resorts International), but even during the construction the 50% of the cost of the project was acquired by Dubai World.

5 World's most expensive casinos

2. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
Marina Bay Sands last appeared on the list since its grand official opening took place only in February 2011, although the casino and resort is opened since July 2010. During this time the complex more than eleven million visits. Besides the casino, Marina Bay Sands includes hotel for two and a half thousand rooms, a huge trade center, museum, two theaters, several luxurious restaurants and more. However, its main attraction is the so-called SkyPark.

5 World's most expensive casinos

3. Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore) - Cost: $ 5,500,000,000
This complex is located on Sentosa Island, owned by Singapore. It includes a casino, six different style hotels, a shopping center, SPA, restaurants, bars, a huge amusement park, the world's largest aquarium and other attractions. Despite the fact that Resorts World Sentosa largely focused on a family holiday in 2010, revenue from the casino was about two billion dollars.

5 World's most expensive casinos

4. Wynn Las Vegas (Las Vegas) - cost: $ 4,530,000,000
Hotel and Casino Wynn Las Vegas, which is the main property of Wynn Resorts, located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. It is named after a famous billionaire, known for his work in the gaming industry, Steve Wynn. This is the first complex in Las Vegas, including a Ferrari dealerships and Maserati. Also it has the only golf course of the Las Vegas Strip. In addition, Wynn Las Vegas is famous for its nightclub, inside which there is a huge waterfall.

5 World's most expensive casinos

5. Venetian Macao (Macau) - Cost: $ 2,700,000,000
Complex Venetian Macao is known primarily from the fact that includes the largest casino in the world area of more than 50,000 square meters. It owns subsidiary of Las Vegas Sands. It is designed in the Venetian style with three channels, which are floating gondolas.

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