[video] Mansour Bahrami – Tennis’ Greatest Entertainer

Mansour Bahrami (born April 26, 1956) is a professional tennis player. He has held dual French and Iranian nationality since 1989.

From an early age he worked as a ball boy within a sports complex in Tehran, Iran. He observed many of the best Iranian tennis players in action but he was never allowed to play. Eventually he snuck onto one of the courts but his first racquet was destroyed by an outraged armed guard who also beat him badly for his misdemeanour. He resorted to learning the game through the use of his hands or frying pans or broom handles. Bahrami has often commented that his outrageous shotmaking ability resulted from mastering tennis using such unusual implements.

This is a video montage of Mansour Bahrami's greatest comedic moments, tricks and skills. A fantastic athlete and gentleman who has the led the most incredible life. [Wikipedia] via [Wittymag