Wave Rock, Australia

Wave Rock is a natural rock formation, which is located east of the town of Hayden, located 339 km east of Perth, Western Australia. It is believed that it was formed more than 2.7 billion years ago, Wave Rock is part of the northern section of Hyden Rock. Waveform is generated due to the gradual erosion of soft rock below the top edge, which lasted for centuries. Height of Wave Rock is 14 feet, length 110 m, and a feeling that before you frozen in time and space prehistoric surf, beating the invisible shore.

The rain washes away the chemical deposits (carbonates and iron hydroxide), forming a vertical gray, red and yellow stripes. If you linger in these parts for some time, it is also worth a look at the Wave Rock at different times of day, because I was the angle of sunlight changes as the colors and shades of Wave Rock.

Wave Rock, Australia

1. Wave Rock is composed of granite, and occupies an area of ​​several hectares.

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