Cyber Wars The Next Threat To World

Cyber Wars The Next Threat To World

Cold cyber warfare involving the United States, China, Russia, France and Israel is already under way, McAfee Experts Said: November 16, 2009. CNET

The Sectary General Of UN's International Telecommunication Union, Hamadoun Touré, has been asking to think about the issues of cyberspace since 1999. he warns, we could face a destructive potential "worse than a tsunami."

To protect the system & cyberspace Hamadoun Touré insist on collective cyberspace protection against cyberwar. Hamadoun Touré said:
My dream… is that I would like to have a cyber peace treaty, Some people think it's a sin. People who think they are secure don't want anyone else to talk about it. I say there is no [online] superpower.

We need to avoid a cyberwar starting, After the cases of Estonia and Georgia, you need to realise how fragile the world is becoming. A cyberwar will be worse than a tsunami — we have to avoid it.

The ITU head said he would settle for a "common code of conduct against cybercrime" in which each country would commit to making sure its citizens can get connected to the internet, rather than deny them access. The code would also call on countries to protect citizens against criminals and include a pledge to not harbour terrorists or criminals in their territory. It would also require nations to commit to not attacking another country first.

"We're in a new world order today," the Malian head of the UN agency added. "When I see Google and China fight — not China and the US, but a company and a country — it's a new world order. Something new is happening around us: what do we do about it?

Cyber Wars The Next Threat To World

Hamadoun Touré, pictured speaking at a Westminster Media Forum earlier on Thursday. Photo credit: David Meyer