Japanese Students' Life

A look inside of how a Japanese student lives his life.

There seems to be a much stricter emphasis placed on school, compared to other cultures.

In fact, some cultures are almost humorous the way they handle schools.

Lack of teachers, unruly students, non-concerned parents, and a host of other things that are detrimental to students.

Then you have some cultures that run schools that resemble military boot camps.

The spectrum is wide and uniquely different, when it applies to different cultures.

Today we are looking at how Japan handles education, and what the Japanese students are exposed to, with their educational system.

Japanese Students' Life

School in Japan is divided into 3 stages: primary school (grades 1-6), secondary school (grades 7-9), senior high school (grades 10-12) ...Education in the first two are free and compulsory, and high school is worth the money ... Japanese mothers are usually very attentive to the success of their children. They maintain close contact with teachers, participate in school life, and in the case of sick children sometimes they go to the lessons and lecture outlines ...

Japanese Students' Life

The academic year in Japan begins on April 6, during the flowering cherry. The first trimester lasts until July 20, followed by the big summer holidays, September 1 is the start of the second trimester, the winter holidays are from December 26, and the last third trimester lasts from January 7 through March 25. Then there are the little spring breaks, during which they transition from class to class.

Japanese Students' Life

Education in Japan is six days a week, but every second Saturday is a day off ... school start after six years of age. Prior to this, children usually attend kindergarten. By the time they start school children should have basic numeracy and be able to read hiragana and katakana.

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