[Video] Man breaks water-skiing record at 153mph with helicopter

Mexican Fernando Reina Iglesias has set a new world record for barefoot water skiing at 153mph speed using low-flying helicopter. It took two attempts for the local businessman to break the 22-year-old record, which was 135 miles per hour by American water-skier Scott Pellaton in 1989.

“We reached a speed of 153 miles (246 kilometres) per hour in our second attempt. We had to abort our first attempt because the helicopter was going up and pulling my feet out of the water. So, we succeeded in breaking the Guinness Record in our second attempt,” he said. A huge number of spectators gathered to support and cheer Iglesias.

Local media reported that public notary Manlio Favio Pano witnessed the event and corroborated that Fernando Iglesias reached the record-breaking speed, recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records. A Guinness Records official was also present. Reina dedicated the record to his hometown and said that it was important to do positive things for the tourist destination.