Photosniper to let you shoot photos

Photosniper to let you shoot photos

Photosniper: The idea behind this unusual thing was, that instead of hunting and killing, as an alternative people will choose to do photography. This was in line with the general Party idea - to develop all the people's dormant creativity.

This is what you get in a Photosniper outfit:
Tair-3S, 300/4.5 telephoto lens is the most important and special part of the set. The lens is well made, the glass is coated. The focusing knob is located underneath the lens barrel, the focusing is very smooth and precise. The lens has a tripod mount and can be installed either on a tripod or attached to the gunstock. After the aperture is set on the dial, it is "armed" (fully opened) with a special lever. The aperture is released with another lever underneath the lens, either manually on a tripod, or as a part of the trigger sequence when mounted on the gunstock. The lens has the M42 universal screwmount an can be used with many Pentax screwmount cameras (Pentax, Praktica etc.)

The lens comes with a rubber lenshood, a metal lenscap and 5 (!!!) 72x.75 mm filters - 3 various density yellow filters, one yellow-green and one orange filter.

Zenit-12S camera body. This is a modified Zenit-TTL - it has a longer eye relief and a special bottom plate with an access
to the shutter release from the gunstock trigger. Shutter speeds - B, 1/30 - 1/500. Couple TTL meter with electrical aperture transfer, you can perform metering with the aperture fully open. A rubber eyecup is also included.

58/2 Helios-44M-4 lens, whic h allows use of the camera in a conventional way. The lens comes with both lenscaps.
A gunstock, which hold the whole thing together. This a well made piece, it is cast of aluminum alloy. A leather strap is as impressive as the pistol grip.

A sturdy metal case which accommodates the outfit (partially disassembled).
The outfit is quite heavy, 12 pounds (5.5 kg) with the case and accessories, 6.5 pounds (3 kg) when assembled for use. BUY it here for $359.00
Photosniper to let you shoot photos

Photosniper to let you shoot photos