Another Scam At Facebook Associates To Coca Cola

After seeing many scams like this myself, like Macdonald etc. A new scam is one the way which appear in the walls of people. having the message:
I am part of the 98.0% of people that are NEVER gonna drink Coca Cola again after this HORRIFIC video -->
Find out the TRUTH about Coke!!!

Another Scam At Facebook Associates To Coca Cola

By following the link you would be redirected to a page showing this that.

9/10 People said they WOULDNT drink Coca Cola After seeing this video!!!

Another Scam At Facebook Associates To Coca Cola

Well you are curious you wanted to see the video. You click at player but it will show you a dialog box saying this:

Another Scam At Facebook Associates To Coca Cola

Actually the scam runner want you to share link seven time to access bogus video, which don'x exist actually. He will say Like this link. share at your wall. Then copy paste the code blah blah, until you feel irritation & then your eyes goes to the text:

>>>Cant Be Botherd To Wait? --> Click Here To Skip This<<<

When you click the link as mentioned above you are redirected to a bogus survey where they dramatically asks your personal information. which you never should give anyone just to see a bogus videos.. Before coke there where number of scams. I myself have seen the sale/purchase of this script at Web Marketplace. The scammers are using it for spamming & collecting the personal info of people, may be for selling.

You should never click such suspicious links, which makes you curious so see inside, on the Facebook unless they don't have official page at Facebook.

via: sophos


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