The Cosmikart Digital Coffee Table

The Cosmikart Digital Coffee Table

Built into a tabletop, this 37-inch flat screen display houses the innards from an iBook G4 laptop and features control buttons around the side of the screen in lieu of multi-touch capabilities.

Whats it?
A coffee table with a 94cm LCD screen, built under the glass. Laptop integrated below the screen. 6 tactile areas in the black border and knob on the front for interactive features.

For What?
The goal is simply to offer an atmosphere through visuals, logos or pictures scrolling, or listen to music mode CD cover. It is also a functional computer with its mouse and wireless keyboard ... but it is mostly a table so it can be used to ask lots of useless things on it ... :-)

How does it work?
1)When you plug the 230V
2)You push the power button
Point 2 can be automated so that the table turns on and off according to a programmed schedule.
Point 1 is unfortunately still manual ;-)
The computer starts, turns on the LCD screen, load a full screen application. The user can then start to interact with the table using simplified controls (6 tactile areas in the black border).

Possible uses:
- Tables of atmospheres in clubs
- Restaurant tables with menus and pictures of dishes
- Museums
-Coffee tables for home
-Hall of expectations