Woman dials 911 to force boyfriend to propose

Woman dials 911 to force boyfriend to propose

(CBS) CHICAGO - Its always tricky to purpose someone to marry. A Chicago woman found new idea thought it best to 911. She Dialed the police emergency number, Ana Perez, 40, reported that was being attacked by her boyfriend. Later police rushed to the scene and found woman just wanted to to scare him to propose to her, reported Chicaco Times.

Police in the Grand Central District were not amused, and charged Perez with disorderly conduct.

“She called 911 to scare him and have the police force him to marry her,’’ according to Grand Central District police Capt. Grand Central District Capt. Ronald Pontecore. Pontecore said the officers raced to the scene, believing a woman was in danger, "only to find out it's something ridiculous like that."

The boyfriend, according to police, had no intention of marrying Perez and was in the process of breaking up with her.