How to celebrate New Year 26 times

New Year's Eve is probably the most favorite holiday for many of us. What a pity that it only happens once a year. But as day 24 hours, it means that this holiday can be found at least 24 times. And if you remember that there is also such a feature as the fractional time zones, the number of meetings of the New Year will increase to 39 times in two days (that is how much each date is present on our planet) - you need to do is just have a good flight and accurately know where to go. The website of online hotel reservations can find a good route, following which you can celebrate New Year 26 times. Let's look at the 12 most scenic places, the most suitable for such a serious and rapid travel.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
1. The Kingdom of Tonga - the picturesque Pacific country located at 172 Polynesian islands (but are inhabited only 36).

Time zone - GMT * +13.

At this islands New Year comes before all. The tourist business in this state began to develop not so long ago - only since 1966, when it was built the first hotel International Dateline Hotel. Its name (which can be translated as "International hotel international date line"), the hotel was in honor of the fact that the Date Line runs through the territory of Tonga.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
2. The largest city in New Zealand - Auckland.

Time zone - GMT +12.

This New Year comes an hour after its occurrence in the country of Tonga. January in New Zealand - it's the summer months when everyone wants to beaches, forests, mountains and parks.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
3. The capital of the Solomon Islands - Honiara.

Time zone - GMT +11.

Temperature on the paradise island Guadalcanal rises up to 25 degree C. In the Solomon Islands, you will not find the noise of large cities and traditional noisy fireworks and parades. But here you can see the amazing beauty of the underwater world and scuba diving enthusiasts can explore the many sunken ships and aircraft of the Second World War, lying at the bottom not too far from shore.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
4. Tanzania - the state on the eastern shore of the African continent.

Time zone - GMT +4.

Many paleontologists argue that the man human sapiens first came to light in this place. In December you can see the amazing spectacle - the mass migration of antelopes.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
5. Capital's royal city of Krakow in Poland.

Time zone - GMT +2.

This is one of the most beautiful towns and cities of Poland. To visit historical monuments and architectural beauty of this city you need more than one day. Here is the residence of Polish kings, the royal tomb, a beautiful Gothic church of St. Mary. To make it easier for tourists to find out where to start, they designed the route called the Royal Road that passes through the Old Town. The main New Year's concert of Poland always held in Krakow, which show all the channels of the country.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
6. The capital of Iceland - Reykjavik.

Time zone - GMT.

This city, like Greenwich, is on a zero midpoint from which time counts the whole civilized world. New Year's celebrations in Reykjavik start from 23 December (the date of death of the Holy Torlakura Torhallsona). On this day, which is devoted to mourning the event, the Icelanders decided to get together and remember their saint. At dinner only a very modest meal is served. But since six o'clock on December 24 the time begins for rich food..

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
7. Praia - the capital of the island nation of Cape Verde.

Time zone - GMT -1.

This city is located on the island of Santiago. The state itself, Cape Verde is among the world's poorest countries, and there are many features, sharply contrasting with each other. For example, near the city of Praia there is a resort of Praia Mar and Kuebra Canela, and the city conducts its business center to combat leprosy .

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
8. The capital of Uruguay - Montevideo.

Time zone - GMT -2.

The city is home to nearly half the population of Uruguay, one of the most economically developed countries in Latin America. The city itself is surprisingly green and literally covered with flowers. Gorgeous flower gardens adorn the city park Prado 800 species of roses. And the beaches of Montevideo are known as seaside resorts.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
9. The capital of Chile, and its largest city - Santiago.

Timezone - GMT -4.

In December, summers here, and the temperature does not drop below 22 ° C. There are many beautiful historic buildings, and tourists will enjoy very much: an ancient castle on the hill of Santa Lucia, the central Plaza de Armas, a statue of the Virgin Mary at Mount San Cristobal. And out of town tourists will tour to the volcano Parinacota and geysers of El Tatio.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
10. The port city of Acapulco, Mexico.

Time Zone - GMT -6.

New Year's Eve , Mexicans greeted very noisy and fun. Acapulco - one of the most beautiful bays in the world (according to the beauty of her tied for fourth place), and here you will be able to dance and have fun all New Year's Eve until the morning.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
11. The largest U.S. state - Alaska.

Time zone - GMT -9.

Winter reigns here impenetrable polar night, illuminated by the aurora . All local attractions are penetrated northern flavor: Fox Island offers tourists a trip to the wild glaciers and the Admiralty on the island you will find a large population of polar bears.

How to celebrate New Year 26 times
12. Samoa.

Time zone - GMT -11.

Tourism industry in these islands is not yet possible to call a highly developed, but it is very quiet and peaceful. Here you can dive, walk to the National Park, explore the coral reefs that are located near the coast. A tattoo enthusiasts have the opportunity to acquire a unique.

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