No more Antibiotics because Cold Plasma kills bacteria

No more Antibiotics because Cold Plasma kills bacteria
Image source: labnews

Scientists have found another effective way to treat infections that works better than antibiotics injections. Well, its not either a injection or capsules its a feat of physics; cold plasma.

Before you ask whether that is an oxymoron, let me explain. Cold here is not cold in the Arctic sense; rather the opposite of scalding hot. Plasma -- an ionized gas sometimes called the fourth state of matter -- typically exists at thousands of degrees Celsius, and hot plasmas are regularly used to sterilizing surgical equipment.

Cold plasmas are closer to room temperatures. And only recently have researchers been able to make plasmas at a steady 35 to 40 degrees Celsius and at atmospheric pressure. This is cold enough to touch safely -- watch this woman on YouTube run her finger beneath a cold plasma flame. Read more at [Discovery News] Also read about Cold Plasma at [LabNews]