Incredible LED Lighting Array

LED lights nighe club - Focus Lighting's design for LIV Nightclub at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach has helped breathe new life into the historic space originally designed by Morris Lapidus in 1954.

Formerly the Tropigala, a club once frequented by Frank Sinatra, the newly renovated LIV features a cylindrical central space capped by an expansive 80 foot dome. A e:cue media engine 2 and 5 e:cue butler control 870 LED fixtures that illuminate the ceiling. An outer ring of fixtures wash the surface of the historic dome in vibrant colored light, while other fixtures embedded into the acoustic finish of the dome itself create dynamic low resolution video effects in a radial array. The dome in this club is unlike any other club in Miami, the USA, or even the World. The historic 88 foot dome is embedded with a radial array of 585 linear LEDs that create a low-resolution video matrix [a3network]