U.S. Military Developing Solar-Powered Tents

U.S. Military Developing Solar-Powered Tents

Solar power is what earth need in present and future, day by day research and innovation in this regard is progressing. US Army have developed three different solar panel systems for use in tents.

The TEMPER Fly, Power Shade and QUADrant, that use photovoltaic solar panels that are built at the roof of tent to get electricity easily and portably to charge all of the electronic gadgets. The capacity to generate electricity differs from 200-3000 watts per tent and can be settle according to need.

Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army for installations, energy and environment, said:
The technology has reached the point where the testing has shown they [solar-powered tents] are proven. Our teams have worked on the inverters and the durability of the systems. The durability of the tent covers has evolved to a point where we would like to see more of them deployed. They are ideal for charging up batteries, making sure your (communications), night vision goggles and computers are powered up. You don’t want a generator on top of a mountain, and you don’t want to have to bring fuel to a generator or haul batteries.

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