Polish snowman, 6 days in making, rises 31 feet

Polish snowman, 6 days in making, rises 31 feet
A snowman reaching the height of 9.5 metres (31 feet) is pictured in Trzebnica, Poland. Several people worked for six days to build the giant snowman and gave their creation the name Milocinek. Image Credit: AP

AP - A group of Poles have decided to make the most of winter, building a 31-foot (9.5-meter) snowman dubbed Milocinek, who wears a barrel for a hat and a road safety cone for his nose. A Polish newspaper says several people laboured for six days on their creation, which stands eye-level with surrounding two-story homes.

The website of the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper says the snowman's creators began their project out of boredom but became more ambitious as they went along. The snowman was completed Friday near the town of Trzebnica in southwestern Poland.

The newspaper's website reported Saturday that the snowman's builders believe Milocinek is the largest snowman built in Poland since winter weather set in more than a week ago.