Holographic revolution soon to blast 3D era

Holographic revolution soon to blast 3D era


Holograms are the type of 3D effects which give the real sense of 3D visuals. Unlike Stereoscopic 3D, it does not require wearing any glasses, and most of all, it doesn't show fake 3D objects as Stereoscopic 3D shows. As of now, many high tech companies have announced their upcoming holographic 3D television projects. It truly is astounding what Zebra Imaging has done for you to fully experience and understand holographic experiences.

Zebra Imaging develops holographic maps that are better than typical 3D images that require cumbersome glasses. Not only this, but also these holographic models are capable of supporting full colors. These models can give you true and real 360 degree visuals in which you can unbelievably walk around in the maps. +more details

"This is a color hologram created with data from Google Sketchup. The model is of the downtown Seattle area. The building heights in this hologram reach up to about 10 inches."

"Hologram created from data that Net Engineering in Italy created using CADMATIC software. Totally amazing."

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