World's most expensive Violin on Sale for $18M

World's most expensive Violin on Sale for $18M
The owner of the Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Jesu says he hopes to sell the violin for $18 million — easily affordable for billionaires, but not musicians. Courtesy of Bein & Fushi Inc.

World's most expensive musical instrument is on sale in Chicago. A 269-year-old Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Jesu violin awaits the collector who has a spare $18 million lying around to buy it. Amazing thing is that the asking price for this instrument is nearly twice the record $10 million paid for a violin earlier this year, reports NPR.

"I’ve heard all the greatest violins," Fushi says. "When I heard this, it was overwhelming, actually. I said, 'Am I hallucinating? That's the greatest violin sound I've ever heard.' "

However, odds are it won't go to a musician, and that has some in the concert world worried. The asking price is almost twice the world record set in January, when a billionaire Russian collector bought a Guarneri for about $10 million. But Fushi says he's confident that he'll get his price. +more details